Emergency Response

Emergency Preparedness Programme

Inter-Rural Action Network response to Emergency calamities and disasters within the communities. 

Through this programme we organise our Grassroots Organisations, CSOs and cooperate bodies to respond effectively to emergencies and render help promptly. 

Recently, inter-Rural Action Network responded to Covid 19 Global Pandemic by providing essential food supplies and Covid 19 preventive informations to street children and families who got stuck after the government Lock down to slow the spread of the virus. Standard First Aid Programme jointly organise first aid training to the community leaders, schools and churches to respond the first aid when necessary.

Emergency response:

Early this year, the globe was hit by Covid-19 virus pandemic that caused over 377,974 deaths and over 5,500,000 people infected. This has left many lives threatened and jeopardized with starvation, trauma, poverty among others. While many countries imposed a lockdown to mitigate the health insecurity caused in different countries, Masses were required to stay home to maintain social distancing in order to mitigate the contagious spread of the virus.

On the 22nd of March, Uganda being one of the countries hit by the virus by the 18th Feb 2020, measures to curb situation were put in place. Following the president’s directives on staying at home, child headed households were left empty and stranded with no meal. They were subjected to severe hunger due to the starvation since they mostly ate food remains from the garbage bins at the restaurants that were now closed due to the lockdown.

Since Health insecurity was a big threat in the Globe and the country as a whole, the lives of these children were at more risk because of their vulnerability and exposure. Inter-Rural Action network swamp into action of providing food and other assorted items for the children as well as providing protective information.

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