Ostomates and palliative Care Programme:

Ostomates Working Group aimed at positively contributing towards improving the living standards
and conditions of those affected by health complication of living with stoma.

The group works with partners and well wishes to ensure that Ostomates access vital health supplies
whenever they need irrespective of where they live in Uganda.

Our project scope includes; carrying out pyscho-social support to ostomates and
the caregivers, advocate for the rights of the ostomates, community sensitization
and awareness creation to fight stigmatization of ostomates, Health Education on
the preventable diseases, provision of palliative care to the terminally ill patients,
Education and Sponsorship to the young ostomates.

Most ostomates endures several hardships ranging from trauma, discrimination, lack of
access to appropriate appliances and resources, lack of psychological and moral support,
lack of access to information, inadequate knowledge and training for the healthcare givers.

Inter-Rural Action Network has come to the forefront to bring the hidden and shameful
sufferings of the ostomates to the attention of government, policy makers and the
communities through engagements, seminars and workshop about the plight of these
vulnerable minorities.

Our strategies:

  •  To lobby for support from well-wishers in terms of the colostomy bags
    and other appliances that can be helpful to the ostomates.
  •  To provide the education opportunity to the young ostomates.
  •  To carry out Health Education on the preventable diseases through
    sensitizations and awareness creation.
  •  To provide psycho-social support for the Ostomates and their families.
  •  To fight stigma through community engagement and sensitization.

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