Youth and Sports

Sports as an important and powerful tool
with the potential to progress towards the 17 Sustainable Development
Goals which is supported by Inter-Rural Action Network. 

We use sport to bring youth together in a safe space where they
can be seen and their voices can be heard. 

Our Strategies:

  1. Sport reaches out to those most in need. By its very nature, sport is about participation. Many of the organisations we work with use sport every day to build positive relationships with youth and start the conversation around how best to support them moving forward.
  2. Sport is a tool for cultural exchange. Sport has no language barriers. It’s a way for young people to make friends from other countries, share experiences and come up with ideas for the future.
  3. Sport creates team players and leaders. Sport promotes equality, inclusion, and participation, whilst increasing confidence, happiness and resilience. Inspired by their experiences, some of the young people who have taken part in our events have gone on to be leaders in their community and role models for other street children.
  4. Sport appeals to the whole world. Sport has a unique power to attract, mobilize and inspire. We use sports events as outreach platforms for young people to send their message to the world.


This is a platform where young people get necessary tools and channels to help you express yourself in the community.

Through our strategy of ‘Youth for Youth, Youth for Community’ provides diverse and holistic activities for our youths to develop into responsible and active citizens.

Inter-Rural Action Network has 102 Youth Clubs based at the Community Clubs with various programs and activities create a common space for youth to bond and contribute to their local communities regardless of race, religion and educational backgrounds.

Our strategies:

  • Champion Leaders for youth in the Secondary schools.

    Champion Leaders programme is for youths in secondary schools’ annual
    events which aims to promote holistic development in youths by enabling them to achieve personal,
    character and academic development, and acquire values, life skills, a sense of civic responsibility
    and commitment through being involved in community service.

    A strong emphasis on personal development and hands-on experiences greatly enhance the learning experience of students to meet the needs of their community, and to tap on their own talents and initiatives in the process.

    Students will be mentored by experienced leaders. Students will be challenged to step out of their comfort zones through a journey of experiential learning, community projects, leadership workshops, dialogue sessions and participation in national campaigns.

    Through this program, the students will not only hone their leadership skills but also cultivate a sense of appreciation on the importance of bridging diverse communities.
    Currently, our youths have implemented more than 50 sustainable community service programmes such as environmental outreach drives.

  • Youth Cares Programme

    This is a community service initiative that encourage more youths to come together to care for the less privileged in our community.

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